How Do I Choose my Tickets? 
You can choose your tickets right from the live seating chart. From the Theater Lovers homepage, click on the Show you want, then click on the performance date you want, then scroll down. Available seats will show color-coded on the chart according to price, and once chosen, will turn gray and be unavailable. Seats are first come, first served.  

How Do I Pay?
Once you choose your seats you will be asked for payment. You can use a major credit card or PayPal. Please note that your charge will appear as Paypal, even if you used a credit card. This is because the payment portal is through Paypal. 

How Do I Get My Tickets?
All Group Sales tickets from the Boston Opera House and the Emerson Colonial are now sent by email only. Usually tickets are released to us from Group Sales approximately one month prior to the show. Obtaining your tickets is a two-step process:
     1.) You will receive and email from Broadway in Boston. Open the email as soon as you receive it and ACCEPT the e-tickets in order for them to transfer to you.
     2.)  Search for “Broadway In Boston” in your App Store. If you have never logged in before, create an account and password. Then you can Accept and Download your tickets using your email address that you received the tickets with, above. You can also accept the tickets via a Ticketmaster account if you have one. 
The Wang Theater prints hardcopy tickets which we will pick up for you from the box office. We will then mail them to you approximately one month prior to the show. 

There's Insurance?
"Booking Refund Protection" is available for a small fee (approx. $7) for a variety of situations. More information can be found here

Ticket Exchange
If a conflict arises and you cannot make the original date you chose, we offer automatic exchanges outside 35 days from a Wang show to any other show, even at other theaters. You can do this within the Ticketor system yourself, by clicking here on TICKETS (at the top) --> Tickets --> Exchange Tickets and follow the prompts. 
From other theaters (not the Wang) we will address your request individually on a case-by-case basis. Contact us via the Contact Us link at the top of the Ticketor page. 

When we first offer tickets we charge on average $20 per ticket commission (less expensive seats pay a bit less, more expensive seats pay a bit more). 30 days before a Show opens and our initial order is complete with the theater, we must return all unsold tickets to the box office. On rare occasions, we may be able to get tickets after that time, but as it will require working individually with Group Sales, we will then charge $30 per ticket, which is most often still less than the box office.

Want a walk-through of the ticket ordering process? Click here for a tutorial of what the screens will look like when you order your tickets. 

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